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Fed up with spending time on admin and paperwork when you could be earning money contracting? Looking for an HMRC-friendly way to maximise your income? Then why not join Umbrella Care Service Company and enjoy all the benefits of being a PAYE employee with all the freedoms of the contracting lifestyle.

Why Choose Umbrella Care?

Because we know how to keep contractors and freelancers happy and earning to their full potential, we lead the way in umbrella company innovations, offering the lowest fees in the market with an incredible support team and a comprehensive range of benefits for our contractors

What We Do For You

Say Goodbye to Paperwork and Admin, Full Statutory Rights as an Employee, A Dedicated Account Manager, Feel Part of a Team 24/7, Suitable for both Long and Short Term Contractors, Finance and Tax services, Member benefits discounts, Dedicated consultant and Umbrella company payroll.


About Umbrella Care Service

We are a company that acts as an intermediary between the contractor and their clients. The chief purpose of an umbrella company is therefore to handle all of the administration associated with contracting (particularly payroll, taxation and invoice administration) so that the contractor is free to concentrate on the contracting itself.

The client will pay the umbrella company who will take care of the contractor’s PAYE and NIC’s before passing the remainder onto the contractor.More information about the main areas of the Umbrella Company structure.

How Do Umbrella Companies Work?

Perhaps the best way of explaining how they work is to show what happens from a contractor’s perspective:

Firstly, the contractor would join an umbrella company (preferably Umbrella Care Service ☺) by signing on at their website or talking to them (us) on the phone. You would then sign on with the umbrella company via an employment contract between them/us (as employers) and you, the contractor (as employee). You would then work your contracts as normal and at the end of the week you would submit both your expenses and your hours worked to the umbrella company via an online portal. Then behind the scenes while you work (or relax) your umbrella company would take care of invoicing the client and collecting the payment (and chasing the payment if it is late). Finally, they would then pay you via PAYE and take care of your National Insurance contributions, after first deducting expenses.

Some Progress

At Umbrella Care Service we know how to keep contractors and freelancers happy and earning to their full potential. Feel free to contact us with any queries. We enjoy talking about employment and payroll in a straightforward and easy to understand way.

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Fed up of being messed about by large and impersonal umbrella companies? Make yourself a cuppa, relax and see how we can help.

We’ll only charge you when you actually use a service.

Call it “pay as you go” or “flexible fees”, either way we think it’s just sound business practice.

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£ 0 /month
  • 1 Basic Introduction
  • Paper Work Introduction
  • Company Introduction
  • Sample Finance
  • Email Support
£ 12 /week
  • All Paper Work done
  • Full Time Support
  • Free Business Advice
  • Payee Management
  • Email Support
£ 30 /month
  • 2 Business Management
  • All Paper Work Done
  • Payee Management
  • Business Advice
  • Phone Support 24/7
£ 78 /month
  • Unlimited Business 
  • Unlimited Paper Work
  • Unlimited Payee
  • Unlimited Business Advice
  • Special Support 24/7

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